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Photo by Kathi Littwin

Photo by Kathi Littwin



Arlene Glantz, founder of A.Glantz, Inc, is an internationally recognized luxury diamond and gemstone expert with decades of experience in the gem and jewelry industry. She is widely known for her exquisite taste, the artistry of her custom designed engagement rings and wedding bands, and her carefully curated collection of rare antique and estate jewelry.

Arlene is a New York City-based professional jeweler/gemologist whose discerning clients rely on her keen eye for classic elegance, expertise in the selection of globally sourced gemstones and longstanding close relationships with premier master artisans. She provides invaluable guidance in making luxury investments that will last for generations.

A.Glantz,Inc. is dedicated to providing exceptional service and quality, extraordinary jewelry that is both contemporary and heirloom, and pieces that perfectly complement her clients’ individual aesthetic and lifestyle.

Services include facilitating sales of entire estates or individual pieces, and expert jewelry reconfiguration and restoration.


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